Canadian Governor-General Julie Payette Resigns Workplace Harassment

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

23rd Jan, 2021. 12:50 am
Canadian Governor-General Julie Payette Resigns Workplace Harassment

Julie Payette, Canada’s governor-general and Queen Elizabeth’s representative has resigned over allegations of workplace harassment.

According to the reports, the resignation of the governor-general will not be a problem for the government as it is a symbolic post for swearing-in and signing legislation but constitutional questions may arise.

According to the report, Julie Payette resigned hours after the report of the independent investigation into the allegations of intimidation against her.

“I have come to the conclusion that a new Governor-General should be appointed, and that the people of Canada deserve stability in this time of uncertainty,” she said in a statement.

“I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused the staff,” she said.

Julie Payette is the first governor-general to resign in the current government and will be replaced by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on a temporary basis until further notice.

Julie Payette, 57, took over as governor-general for five years in October 2017 at the suggestion of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and an investigation was launched against her in July last year.

Justin Trudeau defended him, saying he was an excellent governor-general.

Julie Payette previously headed Canada’s astronauts and became the first Canadian woman to be represented on the International Space Station.

In a brief statement, Justin Trudeau said the resignation showed that the harassment in the governor general’s office could be stopped, but did not thank Julie Payette.

Government officials said that the issue of women would be taken up in the election of the Governor-General and a strong candidate would be nominated by the special committee for the post.

Opposition New Democrat Don Davis said Julie Payette was responsible for not completing her term.

“This is not a constitutional crisis, there is a system in place to continue this position,” said Barbara Mesamour, a professor of history and constitutional expert at Fraser Valley University.

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