China: 2 Movies Release To Mark Wuhan Lockdown Anniversary

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

23rd Jan, 2021. 12:24 am
China: 2 Movies Release To Mark Wuhan Lockdown Anniversary

Two films have been released in China, a year after a 76-day lockdown in Wuhan that followed by the diagnosis of the coronavirus.

According to the reports, the films ‘Days and Nights in Wuhan’ and ‘Coronation’ have been released on this occasion.

The first film, Days and Nights in Wuhan, is a state-sponsored film depicting Wuhan’s sacrifices across China.

The film seeks to draw the attention of viewers who fully support the Communist Party’s response to the pandemic.

Coronation, on the other hand, is a global pandemic documentary produced by the artist and political activist Ai Weiwei that seeks to attract online viewers.

The documentary is a testament to the party’s influence on the global film industry.

The Chinese government has sought to quell allegations that the global pandemic has begun.

They have created a story of victory against the virus through TV shows, social media campaigns and books, praising the efforts of nurses, doctors and government-backed vaccine companies.

Remember that any criticism of the initial mistakes of the pandemic is suppressed.

The documentary ‘Days and Nights in Wuhan’ stars 30 filmmakers who describe the plight of 11 million residents, the medical staff and the efforts of frontline workers during the fight against the virus, which began in December 2019. ۔

According to Ai, while Days and Nights in Wuhan may benefit from the state’s full support, Coronation has been rejected by festivals, theatres and streaming services, including Amazon and Netflix.

He blamed the censorship on anger at the ruling party, which has the right to decide which films can be screened in the country and which can be screened abroad.

“I don’t care about film festivals, but they are a platform, they should present meaningful films,” Ai said during a virtual news conference hosted by Japan’s Club of Foreign Journalists.

“It is the responsibility of these platforms and if they fail to fulfil that responsibility, I am ashamed of them,” he said.

The lockdown, which imposed in Wuhan on January 23, 2020, was extended to other parts of Hubei Province, leaving 56 million people confined to their homes.

The state-sponsored film was directed by Cao Jinling, first screened in Wuhan and released today in other Chinese cities.

The film includes his official statement on steps taken by China, including lockdown, to give the world time to prepare for a global pandemic.

However, critics say the virus was initially spread by the Communist Party’s habit of secrecy and poor control of the pandemic.

But it is unclear whether the documentary will be released to overseas citizens.

The documentary’s trailer repeatedly shows medical personnel vowing to control the pandemic.

Ai’s film, on the other hand, tells the same story from the perspective of construction workers, delivery staff, medical staff and Wuhan residents.

Like the other film, it includes footage, but it was once secretly made by friends, colleagues and videographers, some of whom have been kept anonymous to escape pressure from the authorities.

His film shows an unusual glimpse of patients infected with the coronavirus in China as they breathe and medical personnel in protective clothing try to save them.

At the height of the health crisis, there was no space left in hospitals and morgues, and one of China’s 4,635 deaths was in Wuhan.

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