COVID-19 Hit Lebanese In Dire Hunt For Hospital Beds

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

06th Jan, 2021. 01:06 pm
Lebanon COVID-19

The significant increase in coronavirus patients in Lebanon has put a major impact on the health sector of the country as the local hospitals are now running out of beds.

With 192,000 confirmed cases and almost 1,500 deaths, Lebanon is still not among the list of the world’s hardest-hit nations. Yet the infrastructure is collapsing, and a slight rise in infections is sufficient to tear the health system down.

The health ministry of the country is encouraging private hospitals to facilitate patients with COVID-19. But from the past few days, there is a significant increase in the number of patients leading to a lack of facilities available in the capital.

According to a media report, a local Rachelle Halabi when rushed her Covid-19 infected 85-year-old father to Beirut hospital, the doctors sent them home as the intensive care unit had no more space left.

“The ER doctor told us to go back, get him an oxygen machine, and give him his treatment from home. We went with it for several days, but his condition did not improve,” says Halabi.

Halabi told the local media that she reached the Bekaa valley in the city of Zahle in order to find a place in the hospital for her father after being declined by several hospitals situated in the capital.

Earlier this year, her father had already had a miraculous escape, when a massive explosion at the port of Beirut destroyed vast areas of the capital in August.

On the other hand, Georges Kettaneh Lebanese Red Cross president told “transporting around 100 patients in need of hospital treatment a day.”


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