India: Internet Suspended, Farmers Stage Hunger Strike In Delhi

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

31st Jan, 2021. 12:33 am
India: Internet Suspended, Farmers Stage Hunger Strike In Delhi

Farmers went on a hunger strike a few days after violent protests between protesters and authorities against agricultural laws led to the closure of internet services in and around New Delhi.

During the violent protests on the Republic Day of India, some elements hoisted the Khalsa flag on the historic Red Fort, where at least one person was killed and hundreds were injured.

Farmers have been calling for the government to withdraw the new law, calling it beneficial for large corporate and private sector buyers, and have been camping on the outskirts of New Delhi for two months in protest.

A large contingent of police was present at the main protest site near Sanghu village on the northern suburbs of the city on Saturday when hundreds of tractors arrived from Haryana.

Mahesh Singh, a 65-year-old farmer from Haryana, said that many farmers’ groups have joined the protest since last night, they have come to show their support in the protest and it is expected that in the next two days. More farmers will come.

The Indian Home Ministry on Saturday suspended internet services at three locations on the outskirts of New Delhi till 11 pm on Sunday in the public interest.

Whenever there is a fear of unrest, Indian authorities often shut down local internet services, but the move is unusual in the capital.

Farmer leaders say Saturday’s hunger strike will show Indians that protesters are too peaceful.

Darshan Pal, leader of the joint Kisaan Morcha group of protesting farmers ‘unions, said the farmers’ movement was and would be peaceful.

He said the events of January 30 would be used to spread the values ​​of truth and non-violence.

The tractor parade, planned for Republic Day on Tuesday, turned violent as some protesters removed obstacles from pre-arranged routes and clashed with police who fired tear gas to stop them. Used

Violent clashes have since erupted between protesters, police and groups chanting anti-farmer slogans.

India, a country with a population of over one and a half billion, is engaged in agriculture. Nearly half of India’s population has 1.3 billion jobs and more than 150 million for the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has been in power since 2014 Have become a bigger challenge.

Eleven rounds of talks between farm unions and the government also failed to break the deadlock, with the government offering to postpone the laws for 18 months but farmers say they can do nothing less than changing the law.


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