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Philippines’ students determined to learn despite lack of internet access

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

08th Jan, 2021. 01:25 pm
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students of Philippines

The country of 108 million with very few households having internet access and mobile devices is struggling to cope with the latest change in acquiring education across the country adversely affected by the pandemic.

From climbing the iron roof of the home and trying to catch the internet signals to sitting on the broken plastic basin and hoping for a strong connection.

Have a look at some of the passionate students of the Philippines determined to make the most of remote learning.

The student Andal tries to attend his online classes whilst searching for the spot to catch the internet signals using his smartphone in the forest of Mabalanoy.

Four college students only to find the internet spot will hike the mountain in Sitio Papatahan to take part in their online classes. Gonzaga while reflecting on the situation says, “I was really excited for college because all my life I’ve been here in the mountains.”

The 11-year-old Castro while sitting in the cemetery at South Manila in the city of Makati is making notes using her smartphone.


The student Calma using the government-issued device goes to the roof with the hope to catch signals strong enough to make him participate in the online classes.

The 3-grade student Mary Joyce Florendo working on her learning modules at home.

Grade 7 student participating in an online class using a tablet that is connected to a Sundries store’s WiFi vending machine, at Tondo, Manila.

The students in a hut on a mountain in Sitio Papatahan working on the online worksheets.

Annie Sabino, a student of grade 9 told, “I often wake up late for class from staying up too late finishing online schoolwork, as the signal is better at night.”


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