Canada: White Nationalist ‘Proud Boys’ Group Labeled A terrorist Outfit

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

04th Feb, 2021. 10:31 pm
Canada: White Nationalist 'Proud Boys' Group Labeled A terrorist Outfit

Canada has declared the white nationalist right-wing extremist group Proud Boys a new face of fascism, saying it has been involved in political violence.

The Canadian government on Wednesday, February 3, described the right-wing extremist organization Proud Boys as a “serious and growing threat” to society, calling it a terrorist group.

A group called Proud Boys played a key role in the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., which has been under intense scrutiny ever since, and is now considered by Canada to be a terrorist network.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said the country’s intelligence agencies had already expressed concern about the group’s activities and that the decision had been made in light of that.

Blair told a news conference that there has been concern not only about his rhetoric but also about his activities and plans, and that’s why we’re taking action today.

He said the group had not only been protesting against movements such as the Black Lives Meter, but had also openly threatened to use violence against its opponents.

Attack on Capitol Hill

Senior officials say the Proud Boys’ movements were being monitored even before the attack on Capitol Hill, but further investigation into the incident helped them reach that conclusion. Mr Blair said the attack on Capitol Hill had exposed his plans for violence and his intentions.

Proud Boys group chairman Enrique Tarrio called it ridiculous to call the group terrorists, saying that there is no basis for it. This is a kind of obstacle to freedom of expression. All Proud Boys in Canada have only rallied.

He said that the government was calling the group a terrorist under the pretext of what happened on Capitol Hill. Tarrio was detained just two days before the attack on Capitol Hill after he was reported to have tampered with a banner during a demonstration at the Black Lives Matter.

Note that the Proud Boys Group is known for its subversive activities in the United States, but it was founded in Canada by a man named Gavin McInnes who now lives in the United States. Putting the group in the terrorist category means that its assets can now be frozen and it can be cracked down on under anti-terrorism laws.

A government official said it was still not a major crime to be a member of the group, but that anyone associated with it would be considered a terrorist and would be considered a terrorist. You have to face the rules.

During last year’s US presidential election campaign, the white supremacist group Proud Boys gained notoriety when President Trump said during the debate that he also trusted the group.

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