China plans to revamp fitness classes to cultivate students’ “masculinity”

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

03rd Feb, 2021. 09:08 pm
China moves to boost masculinity

Government of China plans to cultivate masculinity by more physical fitness classes in schools to make the country’s young men more manly.

The education ministry of China aims to increase the number of physical education teachers and revamp gym classes to boost the “masculinity” of students.

However, the plan has stirred debate by critics who say the move could result in increased domestic violence and other social problems.

Schools and local government will soon increase the number of gym teachers as well as improve teaching methods that “cultivate masculinity”, according to the Ministry of Education’s plan announced on Thursday.

The initiatives aim to improve schoolboys’ mental and physical health while the ministry conducted further research, it said.

Furthermore, a hashtag on the ministry’s plan has chalked up 1.5 billion views on the Weibo social media platform.

“It’s hard to imagine such effeminate boys can defend their country when an outside invasion looms,” said one Weibo user.

Like most Asian nations, China has a traditional bias for sons and decades of a one-child policy has led to what some people see as a tendency for parents to molly-coddle their boys.

But the idea of getting boys to toughen up through physical activity has gained currency in recent years.

Some affluent parents are sending them to private boot camps that promise to turn them into “real” men through army-style drills.

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