Iran Demands Spain To Expedite Ex Diplomat’s ‘Play Boy’ Son

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

06th Feb, 2021. 12:43 am
Iran Demands Spain To Expedite Ex Diplomat's 'Play Boy' Son

Iran has demanded Spain to deport the ” Play Boy” son of a retired Iranian diplomat and hand him over to Iranian custody. Sasha Sobhani, 33, is known for her luxurious lifestyle on social media.

Iran has accused Sasha Subhani of running illegal gambling websites and money laundering, and he recently appeared in a Madrid court.

Sasha Sobhani has denied the allegations and told the court that if he is sent back to Iran, he is likely to be tortured.



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He claims that the Iranian government is angry with him because he criticized the government from his 2.6 million followers Instagram account.

Sasha Subhani spent most of her childhood outside Iran as her father served as an Iranian diplomat in various countries, including Armenia, Gabon, and Venezuela.

He told the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, that when his father left office in Venezuela in 2006, he returned to Iran to serve as deputy foreign minister in the government of then-conservative President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, while Sasha himself Stopped in Venezuela.

Sasha later returned to Iran, where he created an Instagram account called “The Rich Child of Iran” in which he reflected the lifestyle of the prince in the capital.

He organized revival parties there which caused problems between him and the authorities. He was arrested and sent to prison, but later managed to return to Turkey.

Two years ago, he moved to Spain, where he began sharing photos of her luxurious lifestyle, dressed in shorts, drunk, speeding cars, and using private jets.

He also shared videos of his Persian-speaking followers criticizing the government in Tehran.

“I am critical of this government,” Sasha said. I criticize the freedom they do not have. I tell them how to live and say you can live like that. “Obviously, Iran cannot allow the son of a senior official to say such things.”

Last week, Spanish authorities began processing an Iranian request stating that Sasha Subhani runs gambling websites that are based outside Iran but are illegal under Iranian law.

Sasha Sabhani told the court that she was not involved in any such work but had contracts to promote such websites.

He said he would also legally oppose Iran’s request for his extradition.

“There they will torture me until I tell them to kill me,” he said. I would prefer a grave in Spain to prison in Iran. But I believe in the Spanish justice system. ”

In December, Iranian police said they had arrested more than 30 people who were “working in the gambling field.” They reportedly included some Instagram followers.

Iran’s central bank has also warned that a list of 70,000 people who gamble has been provided to authorities. The bank said action would be taken against those who rejected the warning.

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