Japan: Significant Rise In Suicide Rate Among Young Women

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

15th Feb, 2021. 08:47 pm
Japan: Significant Rise In Suicide Rate Among Young Women

For years, Japan has been one of the countries in the world with the highest suicide rates. However, the rate began to decline in 2010, but now the Coronavirus crisis has changed the situation again.

The decline in suicides in Japan was due to a relatively stable economic situation and a good offer of social assistance, but now the Coronavirus crisis has exacerbated the situation. Many young women in particular are committing suicide out of boredom.

A student in Tokyo has decided to do something about the growing trend of female suicide. A year ago, she set up an online counseling center. Meanwhile, more than 30,000 people have benefited from the counseling center.

Koki Ozora Consulting Center

Koki Ozora has managed to bring many suicidal women back to life through her counseling center. Koki Ozora, a 22-year-old student, called the movement “a place for you.”

Nine hundred volunteers from home and abroad have participated in his program. The purpose of all this is to make those who intend to say goodbye to life realize the importance of life-like blessings and encourage them to live so that they can return to life with the desire and courage to live again.

Referring to one of her experiences, Koki said that she even bought a noose to hang herself, but before doing so she turned to my online counseling center. We talked a lot and finally the phrase came out of her mouth, I want to live tomorrow. ”

Koki Ozora says of the way things work in his advisory center, “In an emergency, our counselors ask people with questions very carefully and try to find out where they are going to commit suicide. Then they inform the police in advance and the police reach there.

Who gets help?

Eighty percent of those who receive help from Koki Ozora’s online counseling center, “Anata no Ibasho,” or “A Place for You,” are women, with an average age of 26. Initially, inquiries into counseling revealed that most cases were of domestic violence, mobbing or isolation. According to Ozora, most of the women with these problems indicated suicidal intent.

2020 is a terrible year

Last year, 2020, proved to be nothing short of a nightmare for people suffering from dementia in Japan. Only 885 women committed suicide due to problems. According to the Nomura Research Institute, the country’s largest economic research institute, nearly 900,000 part-time or part-time women became virtually unemployed in December last year alone. This means that either their working hours were cut in half or they were not even compensated.

In this situation, women became more depressed. A female scientist at Waseda University in Japan has been researching suicide for years and has joined the organization as a volunteer. He says Japanese society is extraordinarily strict, but an example of social rigidity. There is the most social pressure on women.

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