Myanmar coup: Casualties rise due to violent crackdown

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

28th Feb, 2021. 04:14 pm
Myanmar coup crackdown

Police are using live rounds, rubber bullets, and tear gas as a violent crackdown happened on anti-coup protesters in Myanmar.

As per the details, protests are being held in Yangon, Mandalay, and Dawei despite police response.

There are reports of increasing fatalities but the exact numbers are not known yet.

Protesters were seen in the videos running away as police charged at them, people were covered in blood, roadblocks were being erected.

Medics and officials told the international news agency that at least six people have died. But the figures are unverified.

Yangon police fired bullets after stun grenades and tear gas were thrown on the protesters.

A doctor told Reuters that one man died in hospital with a bullet wound to the chest.

However, the protesters remained determined. “If they push us, we’ll rise. If they attack us, we’ll defend. We’ll never kneel down to the military boots,” protester Nyan Win Shein told Reuters.

Amy Kyaw, told AFP, “Police started shooting just as we arrived. They didn’t say a word of warning. Some got injured and some teachers are still hiding in neighbors’ houses.”

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