Europe-Bound Migrant Death Toll Remains Alarmingly High

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

27th Mar, 2021. 10:50 pm
Europe-Bound Migrant Death Toll Remains Alarmingly High

The number of asylum seekers arriving in Europe has dropped by 2020 but the deaths and disappearances of those heading to Europe by sea are still alarmingly high.

A report released Friday by the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM) says the bodies of most of those killed during the difficult migration journey have not been found or identified.

According to the data, the number of unorganized migrants arriving in Europe last year was 93,000, with an estimated 92% arriving by sea from West Africa to the Spanish islands of Spain.

The report said many of the refugees were already working in the fisheries and agriculture sectors, which had suffered economic losses due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus.

Sea routes are difficult and deadly. A United Nations research project on missing migrants has confirmed that at least 2,300 people were killed or missing during a voyage last year.

However, the organization acknowledges that its data is incomplete. The report says that several boats crashed and sank, and neither the boats nor their passengers were found, which is particularly worrying.

According to data obtained by the news agency from the International Organization for Migration, there were at least 19 boat accidents in the Pacific and Mediterranean during 2020, which were later discovered. According to the data, 571 people died in these accidents.

The report says that such accidents are difficult to verify because they are not known. According to the report, this is also an indication that the actual number of deaths on the routes to Europe by sea is much higher than what is seen in the data.

According to the report, the countless deaths came to light recently when news agency representatives interviewed two survivors of a voyage who arrived in the Kanehri Islands last November. According to them, more than 20 people aboard his boat lost their lives in a difficult two-week voyage.

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