How To Protect Humans From Attacks By Stray Dogs?

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

17th Mar, 2021. 12:54 am
How To Protect Humans From Attacks By Stray Dogs?

Following a tragic incident in Riyadh last Friday in Saudi Arabia, the authorities have decided to take effective measures to control stray dogs in the country.

Last Friday, five stray dogs killed a two-and-a-half-year-old girl in front of her family in Riyadh.

In this regard, while the authorities have taken action, the organizations working for the rights of animals have also become active.

Hamza Al-Ghamdi, a spokesman for Rahma, a government agency working for animal rights in the country, said that necessary measures should be taken to prevent attacks by stray dogs and other such animals. The principle of minimizing stray dogs is adopted in populated areas all over the world. For this purpose, the principle of ‘TNR’ is adopted globally. It is an abbreviation of the three words ‘Trap, Nurture, Release’. The goal is to stop, sterilize stray dogs and then release them. This method is very effective. After sterilization, living things are no longer dangerous to humans. They do not get angry and do not attack because their aggressive hormones are eliminated through sterilization. At the same time, it is important to minimize the number of stray dogs in populated areas.

Al-Ghamdi added that a well-known method for neutering stray dogs is to put a mark on the ear of the dog to be neutered. This will make it easier to determine if the dog is dangerous. If citizens see a stray dog ​​with no mark on its ear, avoid it yourself and inform the relevant authorities so that it can be neutered.
Talking about the massacre of stray dogs, Al-Ghamdi said that dogs can be saved from becoming a threat through sterilization. Dogs that attack people can change their behaviour through training.

It may be recalled that Prince Faisal bin Abdulaziz bin Ayyaf, the secretary of Riyadh, took notice of the incident in which a girl was killed in a stray dog ​​attack on Sunday and demanded a report from the concerned authorities. It has ordered to provide immediate protection to the citizens from stray animals.

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