India: Muslim Girl Documents Her Miseries In Video Before Suicide

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

01st Mar, 2021. 10:12 pm
India: Muslim Girl Documents Her Miseries In Video Before Suicide

A video made before the suicide of a Muslim girl who has been exploited by her husband and in-laws for three consecutive years for bringing low dowry in the Indian state of Gujarat has caused a stir in India.

According to the Indian media, the video of 23-year-old Aisha Arif Khan who committed suicide by jumping into the Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, went viral on social media.

Aisha Arif Khan ended her life a few days ago after being exploited by her husband and in-laws, but she made a video on her mobile phone before jumping into the river, which later went viral on social media.

In the video, which is less than two and a half minutes long, Aisha Arif Khan is seen introducing herself with a smile while she can be seen wearing a burqa.

At the beginning of the video, Aisha Khan was seen talking about the shortening of life and the problems that befell her.

In the video, she named her husband without naming her parents and said that because she loves Arif, her husband, one-sidedly and she does not want to upset him, she is going to end her life.

In the video, Aisha gives a message to her father about how long he will fight with his family and why?

Although Aisha Arif Khan is seen in the video talking about the problems she is facing.

However, she says in the video that she is fed up with problems, she now wants to be free and fly in the air.

At the same time, Aisha Arif Khan appealed to the parents to keep praying for them, because they do not know whether she will go to heaven or not.

Indian media reported that Aisha Arif Khan ended her life by jumping into the Sabarmati River passing through Ahmedabad on February 25.

The report said that after Aisha Arif Khan jumped, rescue personnel searched for her for a few hours but she was dead by then.

Later, on the complaint of Aisha Arif Khan’s parents, the police filed a case against the husband of the woman who committed suicide under the provisions of suicide and started an investigation into the matter.

Aisha Bano Makrani married Arif Khan in July 2018, after which she moved to Gujarat from her parents’ home in Rajasthan.

The report quoted Aisha Bano Makrani’s father as saying that a few months after the marriage, Arif Khan had sent his daughter back home in December 2018 and demanded a dowry from her.

Aisha’s father claimed that after some sort of reconciliation, he sent his daughter to her husband’s house but then he sent her back home in 2019 and again demanded dowry.

According to the father of the girl who committed suicide, at that time he sent his daughter back to her husband for Rs 1.5 lakh but then in March 2020, he sent Ayesha home demanding dowry.

He said after March 2020, her daughter also filed cases against her husband under provisions such as domestic violence and later she started working in a private bank to become independent, but her problems did not go away.

Even before committing suicide, Aisha was at her job, but she ended her life by jumping into the Sabarmati River after leaving the bank early in the evening.

After the video made by Aisha Arif Khan before committing suicide came to light, people were seen demanding strict action against her husband.

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