India Rejects US Report That Downgraded Its Status To ‘Partly Free’

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

06th Mar, 2021. 10:00 pm
India Rejects US Report That Downgraded Its Status To 'Partly Free'

A leading American think tank had said in its report that Modi and his Hindu nationalist party were tragically moving towards dictatorship.

India has rejected a report by Freedom House, a leading US-backed organization, citing the alleged worst human rights situation under Narendra Modi’s rule and the status of India’s freedom and democracy.

India says such a report is misleading and does not need to be advised and apart from the BJP, governments of other parties have been formed through elections in various states of India, adding that “it is clear that strong democracy is at work in the country and that even those with different ideologies Provides equal opportunities. ”

The Indian Foreign Ministry said in a statement: “We do not need to hear advice from people in particular who cannot fix their fundamentals. They have the political decisions of the Freedom House. They are just as wrong and distorted as the maps. ”

The Indian Foreign Ministry indicated that the Indian map held by Freedom House was also incorrect. Numerous international organizations and institutions do not show the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir as part of India on the map of India, to which India strongly objects to.

The Washington-based Freedom House released a report entitled “Freedom in the World” on Wednesday evening, March 3, saying that discrimination against its Muslim citizens continues in the world’s largest democracy and the government Incidents of harassment of critics and journalists have increased. Due to these reasons, India’s position in this year’s rankings has come down considerably.

The report cites “a number of years in which the Hindu nationalist government and its allies have been leading the way in increasingly violent and discriminatory practices.”

The report highlights the plight of migrant workers during the anti-Muslim riots in Delhi last year, sedition cases against government critics and the lockdown imposed by the Modi government to curb the coronavirus.

In a separate statement, the Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting also rejected the US report, saying: “It is completely wrong, misleading and unexpected to put India on the list of partially free countries.”

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