Myanmar coup: US ‘horrified’ by deadliest day

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

28th Mar, 2021. 02:23 pm
Myanmar coup

The US is “horrified” by deaths that occurred on Saturday in Myanmar, Secretary of State State Antony Blinken said. 

Security forces in Myanmar had killed dozens of people during protests on the deadliest day since the military takeover.

Mr. Blinken said that the assassinations reportedly of more than 100 people, show “that the junta will sacrifice the lives of the people to serve the few.”

“The courageous people of Burma reject the military’s reign of terror.”

The US embassy previously said security forces were “murdering unarmed civilians”. U delegation to Myanmar said – officially Armed Forces Day – would “stay engraved as a day of terror and dishonor”. 

What had happened on Saturday?

State TV aired an announcement earlier that people “should learn from the tragedy of earlier ugly deaths that you can be in danger of getting shot to the head and back”.

The director of the Burma Human Rights Network in the UK told an international news agency that the military had shown it had “no limits, no principles”.

“It’s a massacre, it’s not a crackdown anymore,” Kyaw Win said.

Forces had conducted violent crackdown using live ammunition in more than 40 locations in Myanmar. Local news reported that 114 people have been killed. Whereas the UN said that it was receiving reports of “scores killed” and hundreds more injured.

Among killed was a 13-year-old girl who was killed inside her home.

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