Prince Harry, Meghan’s Interview Wreaks Havoc Across The World

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

08th Mar, 2021. 11:36 pm
Harry Meghan interview

The statements made by Britain’s Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex Meghan in a historic interview to an American channel could cause serious damage to the reputation of the British royal family.

Prominent figures, politicians, and social activists have all reacted to the shocking statements made by Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle in this interview.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, a well-known American broadcaster, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, gave a very detailed interview on Sunday about the difficulties of their daily lives while living with the royal family.

In the interview, the couple described the experiences of daily life as very bitter, living with and in the midst of the royal family. Both said they were so disgusted with the royal family’s life that they decided to abandon the royal lifestyle and settle in the United States.

Of all the problems Meghan Markle mentioned in her interview, the one that affected her the most was the birth of her first child. Meghan said that when the news of her pregnancy became public, there were rumors everywhere about the colour of the baby’s skin. Even members of the royal family expressed their concerns. After the birth of the child, the child was usually given a royal title by the royal family, but Meghan and Harry’s son were not given the title of prince.

Meghan Markle complained that she was not allowed to do as she wanted. She had not been fully recognized in the British royal family since, and she always felt lonely.

Meghan Markle has said that spending time with the royal family was difficult. There was a time in the palace when she even thought of ending his life with her own hands.

Henry and Meghan’s interview was generally appreciated in the United States, and sympathy was expressed for the couple, with the majority justifying the couple’s decision to leave the royal family. Leading American tennis star Serena Williams praised Meghan Markle as her “selfless friend” who, according to Serena Williams, “lives on the concept of empathy”.

Serena added, “She teaches me every day the life of a good man. Meghan’s words indicate the cruelty she suffered and the pain she suffered. ”

Leading poet and social activist Amanda Gorman said, “In the form of Meghan, the royal family has lost a golden opportunity to bring about change, regeneration and reconciliation in society.”

Bernice King, who is the daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr., a leader in the rights of citizens, especially black citizens, and a very prominent figure in the United States, said in support of Meghan Markle: It is not a shield against the frustration and despair that comes from worship. ”

“It’s heartbreaking,” Abby DePhillips, CNN’s political correspondent, wrote in a tweet.

Some of the top figures in the British media have strongly objected to Meghan and Harry’s interviews. Pierce Morgan, a well-known British broadcaster and host of the Morning Talk Show, wrote in an unfriendly tweet on Twitter: “This interview is a great humiliation of the British royal family and a total betrayal of the Queen and the Royal Family.” “Meghan’s statements are absurd and destructive,” Morgan added. He said such stupid things for his own benefit but I am surprised at Harry’s behavior. How did they let Meghan say all this? It is a great shame for his family and the royal family. ”

“There is no room for racism in our society,” WikiFord, Britain’s minister for children’s affairs, told Sky News in response to Meghan’s allegations of racism. ”

The 92-year-old British Queen Elizabeth II will probably not make a statement herself. According to a report in the British newspaper Times, the queen herself has no intention of watching Meghan’s interview. According to Deutsche Welle’s Brigitte Moss in London, it is unclear whether there will be any comment on Meghan’s interview with Buckingham Palace. This would have been possible only if Harry and Meghan had named a member of the royal family. However, Moss said in his interview that the couple was very careful about naming someone.

Queen Elizabeth is still an extremely popular figure in her country and a favorite British monarch. Experts and commentators, however, say that the real difficult question that still needs to be answered is what will be the future of the British royal family after the current queen?

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