UAE to produce China’s Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

29th Mar, 2021. 02:07 pm
Sinopharm UAE China

The UAE will soon begin manufacturing coronavirus vaccines.

As per the details, a program has been launched under the title “Life Sciences and Vaccine Manufacturing in the UAE” by the UAE’s Group 42 and China’s Sinopharm CNBG. The project has been announced on the sidelines of an official visit by the Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi, to the UAE.

Sheikh Abdullah Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said, “The UAE and China today inaugurated a new chapter in their historic and distinguished relations, under the title “Strategic Partnership for Humanity,”

We are continuing the efforts that we initiated at the onset of the Covid-19 crisis. A partnership that sets an example to be emulated for collaboration between friendly nations in times of crises.

The joint project is an added value to the international efforts being made in the face of the Covid-19 crisis which has been taking a toll on everyday lives across the world.”

According to the international news agency, the vaccine ‘Hayat-Vax’ is the first production line in the UAE.

Chinese-made Sinopharm vaccine was the first one to be approved for emergency use in the UAE.

Liu Jingzhen, Chairman of Sinopharm, said: “By taking this step, the UAE has paved the way for the registration and commercial production of Sinopharm’s vaccine in an embodiment of the significant efforts made by the two friendly nations to recover from the crisis. This project will play a significant role in confronting the COVID-19 pandemic in the UAE, the Arab region, and the entire world.”

Peng Xiao, CEO of G42, also said that the project will “revolutionize the life sciences industry in the region over the coming years.”

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