UAE: You can now carry gifts worth Dh3,000 maximum

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

29th Mar, 2021. 12:38 pm
UAE: You can now carry gifts worth Dh3,000 maximum

Those traveling the UAE can now carry gifts having a maximum value of Dh3,000.

The latest update has been given by the Federal Customs Authority (FCA).

According to the FCA, that movie projection devices, radio, and CD players, digital cameras, TV, and receiver (one of each), personal sports equipment, portable computers and printers, and medication for personal use, are included in the allowed luggage items.

However, the value of the gifts should not exceed Dh3,000 when entering the UAE. Also, 200 cigarettes are allowed to be carried. Travelers below 18 years are not allowed to carry tobacco products and alcoholic drinks.

Travelers to and from UAE have been asked to strictly follow custom procedures given by GCC unified customs law and other relevant laws to maintain a safe travel experience.

Videos in Arabic, English, and Urdu were released on its social media platforms and website to inform the travelers about the custom processes, rights, and obligations.

The authority has said that all travelers coming to or departing from the country should disclose any currencies, negotiable instruments payable to the bearer, and/or precious metals of stones valued more than Dh60,000.

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