UBER Boat To Carry Pedestrians Following London Bridge’s Closure At Risk Of Collapse

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

30th Mar, 2021. 11:46 pm
UBER Boat service London

Following the closure of London’s Victorian bridge due to collapse risk, the UBER Boat will be operational to carry the pedestrians and cyclists across the River Thames.

In order to overcome the disruption caused by the closure of the London bridge, the transport authority has announced a travel service by UBER Boat.

The Hammersmith Bridge, constructed in 1887, was closed to routine traffic since April 2019 due to minor fractures in its iron pedestals.

Back in 2020, the authorities barred the pedestrians and river traffic beneath the bridge after an increase in the size of the fractures which feared its collapse.

However, the UBER Boat service will have a minimum capacity of 800 passengers at peak times and the cost of a ticket will be 1.55 pounds ($2.12), London Transport said.

The ferry will be operational at the end of the summer.

Last year, the riverboat service was rebranded Uber Boat by Thames Clippers which runs through the centre of London.

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