US Visas Refused Under Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Can Now Be Reapplied

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

09th Mar, 2021. 11:43 pm
Muslim ban by Donald Trump

The Muslims who had been denied to enter the United States (US) during Donald Trump’s occupancy, can now reapply, the State Department announced.

Former US President Donald Trump had imposed a travel ban on majority-Muslim countries including Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya and Yemen.

However, the US Department of State said that people can now resend their applications to enter the country after facing a long-term travel ban by the Trump administration.

The newly-elected President Joe Biden, on his first day at the office on January 20, had signed an executive order to end Trump’s ban on Muslims, terming it “a stain on our national conscience”.

A spokesman for the US Department of State had informed that the visas of those people who were rejected before Biden’s new regulation, may now submit new requests and pay a new fee in this regard.

Whereas, those visas which were rejected before January 20 can now reapply without resubmitting their applications and with no additional fee either, added the spokesperson.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump had imposed sanctions on Iran, after which Iran will not be able to sell oil to Syria and Venezuela. This is considered to be another tactic of President Trump to win the next presidential election.

The Trump administration had been imposing tough sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran since 2018, aimed at curbing oil exports and completely shutting off the financial resources of US regional allies Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Under the new decision, the Trump administration on Monday, October 26, added Iran’s state-owned National Iranian Oil Company, Iran’s Ministry of Petroleum and the National Iranian Tanker Company to the Anti-Terrorism Authority’s list. It is also possible that this decision has been reversed.

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