Dubai: 20 Women Arrested Over Obscene Photoshoot In Balcony

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

05th Apr, 2021. 09:57 pm
Dubai Outdoor photoshoot

A group of women models in Dubai has been charged with obscenity after their outdoor nude photoshoot sparked outrage among the netizens and government officials.

The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has set a strict pornography law across the country, but violating the law, around 20 women took part in an organized nude photoshoot.

The pictures were captured at the country’s famed Dubai Marina and the models were spotted by people in neighbouring skyscrapers.

According to media reports, the images captured by the neighbours began to circulate all over social media and brought a storm in just a few hours.

The women, however, have been arrested and the police officials have registered an unlawful case against them.

“The women had been referred to the public prosecution for further legal action,” police added.

Moreover, in Dubai public lewdness carries a penalty of up to six months in jail and a 5,000 dirham forfeit (£981).

In UAE, many are based on Sharia law, and people have been imprisoned in the past for public displays of homosexual relationships.

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