Jordan’s Family Drama Ends As Prince Hamzah Swears Allegiance To King

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

06th Apr, 2021. 06:30 pm
Jordan's Family Drama Ends As Prince Hamzah Swears Allegiance To King

Prince Hamzah bin Hussein of Jordan swore allegiance to King Abdullah after mediation by the royal family, the prince was accused of destabilizing the country and was placed under house arrest for two days.

According to the reports, after a meeting between King Abdullah’s uncle Prince Hassan and other princes, Prince Hamzah signed a letter in which he presented himself before the king.

The letter said, “I surrender myself to the king. I will abide by the constitution of the beloved Hashmi kingdom of Jordan.”

Earlier, a tweet from the royal palace said the king had trusted Prince Hassan, a former crown prince, to handle the matter, and that Prince Hamza had accepted the family’s mediation.

Earlier on Saturday, the military warned Prince Hamzah of his actions, which he described as undermining “security and stability” in Jordan, while Prince Hamza said he had been detained. In addition, several high-profile figures were imprisoned.

Given that Prince Hamzah was not seen as a direct threat to the king, his actions showed that he wanted to assert his position among the people of Jordan after being removed from the royal throne.

It is unclear why the kingdom decided to crack down on Prince Hamzah, but he has endangered himself by attending tribal gatherings in recent weeks, where he has openly criticized the king and his government.

In addition, a lack of oxygen at a newly built government hospital in Jordan has sparked public outrage following the deaths of nine coronavirus patients, allegations of mismanagement and corruption that led to protests.

According to officials, Prince Hamzah also visited the homes of those killed in the hope of overthrowing the king.

This is the first such dispute in the Jordanian royal family in many years.

On Saturday, Prince Hamzah bin Hussein released a video message via the BBC accusing the Jordanian ruler of nepotism and corruption and saying he had been detained.

The former crown prince sent his message via satellite link from his palace in the Jordanian capital, Amman.

In it, he slammed Jordan’s “rule of law”, saying several of his friends had been arrested, their security had been removed and internet and phone lines had been cut off.

He denied being part of “any conspiracy or rogue organization” but also said that the country of 10 million people was stagnant in corruption, nepotism and mismanagement and no one was allowed to criticize the authorities.

Jordanian officials said they had foiled a plot to destabilize the kingdom, which involved a half-brother of King Abdullah II and arrested at least 16 suspects.

Deputy Prime Minister Ayman Safdi said Hamza bin Hussein and others had worked with foreign parties to “undermine” Jordan’s security.

It should be noted here that Hamza bin Hussein was the former Crown Prince from whom the King withdrew this position in 2004.

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