Pandemic Reaches World’s Highest Peak As Climber Contracts COVID

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

23rd Apr, 2021. 08:39 pm
Pandemic Reaches World's Highest Peak As Climber Contracts COVID

The coronavirus has reached almost every corner of the globe, and only a few places are safe.

But no one thought the Pandemic could reach the highest point in the world.

However, the first case of COVID-19 has come to light on the world’s highest place, Mount Everest.

Nepalese officials say one of the climbers tested positive with COVID-19. Mount Everest was recently opened to climbers with strict restrictions.

After a long time in March 2021, Mount Everest was opened to climbers and restrictions such as tests and social distance were imposed on them.

But most climbers ignored the restrictions, and measures such as face masks or social distance were not followed during their stay at the base camp.

Prativa Pandey, medical director of Nepal’s CIWEC Hospital, said base camp officials had tried to keep climbers away.

“We have worked with the Ministry of Health to take all possible measures to protect the climbers and crew,” she said.

“We have no option and we have to save the mountaineering economy,” said Rudra Singh, head of Nepal’s tourism department.

The first climber fell ill last week and was thought to have contracted the disease as a result of the altitude, but when he was airlifted from base camp to Kathmandu by helicopter, the test diagnosed code.

Nepal is India’s neighbour where the second wave of coronavirus is currently on the rise.

A vaccination campaign was launched in Nepal in January 2021 with the AstraZeneca vaccine provided by India but had to be stopped due to non-availability in March.

No official announcement has been made yet, but after the assessment of the code case at base camp, it is likely that the mountaineering season on Mount Everest will not continue.

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