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Saudi FM Describes Resumption Of Ties With Israel As Of Tremendous Benefit

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

03rd Apr, 2021. 08:56 pm
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Saudi FM Describes Resumption Of Ties With Israel As Of Tremendous Benefit
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The Saudi Foreign Minister has described the resumption of relations with Israel as of “tremendous benefit”. He also said that any such agreement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia depends on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan has said that normalizing relations with Israel could benefit the entire region. He also clarified that the resumption of bilateral relations with Saudi Arabia is directly linked to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. He expressed these views in an interview with the American news channel CNN. The interview was broadcast on Thursday night.

Under former US President Donald Trump, at least three Arab states and one African Muslim country signed agreements with the Jewish state to restore bilateral relations. This process was called the Abraham Accord. Arab states that have normalized relations with Israel include the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and the African country of Sudan. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has also visited Oman.

In an interview with the American News Channel, the Saudi Foreign Minister said that the resumption of relations with Israel could bring positive changes in the region as well as economic benefits. He also said that the relationship could certainly be considered useful in the context of security.

Saudi Arabia has the status of a “powerhouse” in the Arab region of the Persian Gulf. He continues to link the resumption of relations with Israel to the resolution of the Palestinian conflict.

Observers believe that the main reason for the proximity of the Arab states to Israel is Iran and its desire to establish its influence in the region. It is also said that the Saudi state continues to establish its relations with Israel in a top-secret manner.

There have also been reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu completed a round of talks with Saudi Arabia in November last year, however, the Saudi government has denied the allegations.


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