Suez Canal: This Female Captain Was Blamed For Blocking Maritime Trade

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

06th Apr, 2021. 12:58 am
Suez Canal: This Female Captain Was Blamed For Blocking Maritime Trade

Last month, on March 23, a 400-meter-long Japanese ship was stranded in Egypt’s Suez Canal, which was evacuated on April 3 after a week of efforts.

About 400 ships were stranded in the Suez Canal on the 400-meter-long Evergreen, and some items became more expensive due to the non-delivery of crude oil to other countries around the world.

However, after a week of efforts, the stranded ship was rescued on April 3 and traffic was restored on the Suez Canal.

But in the meantime, news about the ship has been circulating on the international media, including the Arab media, and especially on social media that the stranded ship was actually being operated by a female captain.

According to a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), a screenshot of a false news spread on Arab social media led to rumours that the 400-meter-long Evergreen was being operated by Egypt’s first female captain, Marwa Elselehdar.

Marwa Elselehdar was shocked by the rumours about her and told the BBC that she was on duty in another area far away when ‘Evergreen’ was stranded.


In this regard, Arab News said that in fact, false news about Marwa was spread by people with anti-woman views.

The report said that several fake accounts have also been created on social media in the name of Marwa Elselehdar.

Bold and objectionable material and misinformation about Egypt’s first female naval captain has also been spread on these fake accounts.

However, it was not Marwa Elselehdar but the Indian crew and because of them, the ship was stranded in the Suez Canal for a week, leaving 400 other ships stranded.

However, Egyptian authorities, with the help of rescue teams from other countries, evacuated all ships on April 3 and resumed traffic on the Suez Canal.


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