Watch: Ethiopian Airlines mistakenly lands at Zambia Airport

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

06th Apr, 2021. 11:47 pm

A cargo plane of Ethiopian Airlines mistakenly landed at Zambian airport.

According to the reports, that airport is still under construction claimed by the government officials. The aircraft hit the tarmac on Sunday at the unfinished airport in Zambia’s northern Copperbelt province, which is currently served by the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport around 15 kilometers (nine miles) away.

The transport ministry’s permanent secretary Misheck Lungu said,

“The pilot had landed at the future Copperbelt International Airport by error,”

“When he was about to land he was communicating with the radar and they told him, ‘We can’t see you’,”

“So he used his sight as he had no control and landed at an airport still under construction.”

Also, Online shopping giant Amazon has acquired 11 planes from private airline companies to improve its transport system and send items to people faster.

This is the first time that Amazon has purchased planes for its transport system as it has always leased planes instead.

The vice president of Amazon Global Air Sarah Rhoads said,

“Having a mix of both leased and owned aircraft in our growing fleet allows us to better manage our operations.”

All of the 11 planes are Boeing 767-300s which will be converted to hold cargo instead of transporting people.

Four of these were purchased from WestJet, and the rest were acquired from Delta. The planes bought from WestJet will join Amazon’s fleet this year, while the planes from Delta will join next year. This will increase Amazon’s total fleet of planes to 85 by 2022.

Right now Amazon has refused to tell that how much they are paying for the planes.

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