Why India Is Shattering Covid-19 Infection Records?

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22nd Apr, 2021. 04:54 pm
Why India Is Shattering Covid-19 Infection Records?

With each passing day, Covid-19 cases increase in India. The number of Covid patients rapidly increased within the past two weeks. The situation of India is very bad and India’s name mentioned globally on the top of the list who’s suffering from the pandemic.

The 2.7 million people daily vaccinated despite the cases is increasing rapidly and the death ratio of India cracked up 184,657.there is some reasons behind when covid cases increase they didn’t take any precautions. Ventilators are full up, hospitals have less oxygen supply India showed its bad fragile health care system. Due to the massive oxygen supply, the death ratio is increasing day by day in India.

“Authorities across India, without exception, put public health priorities on the back burner,” Raddy said

India had serious lockdown took last year of the pandemic but after that, they didn’t take any precautions for another condition like this they didn’t hire more medical staff and hospitals beds more Dr Vaneeta said India ignored everything and allowed the public to celebrates their holy festivals and other events. The public was meet up and enjoyed together without taking covid serious now, the situation is that covid cases increased and the public blamed the government that they didn’t take any precautions.

“As a society it’s crucial that we maintain public health measures like masking, physical distancing and avoiding crowds “he also said that now we need to implement serious lockdown in some areas so,  the condition would be under control. On Monday he said they started a covid vaccination program under the age of 45 and adults will be vaccinated and the good news is that India is the major vaccine producer but this relies on the availability of the shots.

Now India faced massive horrible situation trying to more people vaccinated fast so, the number of patients reduces and they get off it.

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