Will Ramadan have 29 or 30 days this year?

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

13th Apr, 2021. 11:15 am
Ramadan 2021

Muslims in most areas of the world, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE, are observing the first fast of Ramadan on Tuesday (today).

The moon of the holy month was sighted last night. The moon sighting committees in the UAE and other Islamic countries meet on the 29th of each Islamic month to sight the moon.

As the Islamic calendar is based on lunar cycles, an Islamic month is 29 or 30 days long.

The sighting committee will meet again on the 29th of Ramadan (May 11) this year for the moon sighting of the month of Shawaal.

Astronomers predict that the holy month this year will consist of 30 days in the UAE and some other countries. If Ramadan consists of 30 days, Muslims will celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr on May 13.

The final decision will be taken by the committee after the moon sighting on the 29th of the holy month.

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