Yemeni model Entesar Al-Hammadi Abducted by Houthis

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

12th Apr, 2021. 10:27 pm
Entesar Al-Hammadi

Entesar Al-Hammadi, a popular Yemeni model and actress, has been kidnapped by the Houthi militia in the capital Sanaa. 

According to the details, the Houthi militia has kidnapped Entesar Al-Hammadi and two other fashionistas, local media said.

The kidnapping is a result of liberal women in areas under Houthi control and the incident has sparked intense outrage at home and abroad as human rights activists called for the model’s relief.

However, her location still remains unknown.

According to an activism page, “The Houthi terrorist group continues to terrorize Yemeni women. Entisar al-Hammadi is an actress and model who was kidnapped and held by the terrorist Houthi militia because of her job, which is considered a crime for the extremist and misogynist group.”

Furthermore, the netizens are busy voicing support using two Arabic hashtags that translate to #Freedom_for_Entisar_alHammadi and #Where_Is_Entisar_alHammadi on Twitter.

Al-Hammadi appeared in two Ramadan series in Yemen in the year 2020.

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