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Biden Becomes Israel’s Facilitator; Approves $735 mn Of Arms Sale

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

18th May, 2021. 01:36 pm
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Biden Becomes Israel's Facilitator; Approves $735 mn Of Arms Sale

The administration of US President Joe Biden has approved the sale of guided weapons worth $750 million to Israel.

A US congressional source told the international Arabic news channel Al Arabiya that lawmakers had been notified of the deal in early May.

A week later, armed clashes broke out between the Israeli army and Hamas and Catastrophic airstrikes were launched in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

The Washington Post was the first to report on the arms deal with Israel, citing an unnamed member of the Democratic Party.

The member of the Democratic Party criticized the Biden administration’s move and said that if smart bombs were sold to Israel without pressing for a ceasefire, it would lead to more massacres.

At the moment, the Biden administration itself is in a dilemma, and President Biden seems to be in trouble. He has been a champion of human and democratic rights and a key pillar of his foreign policy, but Israel has managed to block statements from the United States on ending violence in the UN Security Council.

Under US law, Israel must establish military supremacy in the Middle East, and the Zionist state still has US patronage for that purpose.

But in recent weeks, members of President Biden’s Democratic Party have come out as fierce critics of Israel.

After the new arms deal with Israel came to light, Democrats have criticized it, while Republicans expressed support and said that weapons should be provided to strengthen Israel’s Iron Dome missile system.

According to the Washington Post, US lawmakers have questioned the proposed new deal and its timing. They have suggested that the deal could be used to pressure Israel to agree to a ceasefire.

According to the newspaper, if the Biden administration officially notifies Congress about the sale of arms, its legislators will have 20 days to object to the deal. They can also reject it through an unbinding resolution.

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