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‘House of One’: Jews, Muslims & Christians To Offer Prayers Under One Roof In Berlin

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

28th May, 2021. 09:31 am
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‘House of One’: Jews, Muslims & Christians To Offer Prayers Under One Roof In Berlin

A group of Muslims, Jews and Christians have laid the foundation stone of a project dubbed as ‘House of One’ in the German capital as a symbol of interfaith dialogue that will allow people of all three religions to worship.

According to the reports of the international news agency,  the founder of the project, the protests in Berlin over Israel’s attacks on Gaza and at a time when politicians are warning of the rise of anti-Semitic sentiments in Germany, such a move is a ray of hope for negotiations.

Speaking at the event, Berlin Mayor Michael Müller said it was important to discuss dramatic global conflicts in the German capital and to provide a platform for people to highlight issues in their countries and express their views.

He added that hatred and violence, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, racism and provocation have no place in our society.

The building, which has a tall square tower, will include rooms for worship and a common meeting place.

The leaders of the Central Council of Jews and Muslims in Germany have welcomed the plan and the dialogues.

Construction, which began after a 10-year plan, will take four years to complete and will cost 47.3 million euros, with the German government donating 10 million euros and Berlin donating 12 million euros. The rest of the money will be raised from other sources, including donations from other countries.

The centre will be built on the site of a 13th-century church that was demolished by the Communist East German government in the 1960s.

Heinrich Bedford Strohm, head of the Protestant Church in Germany, told RND Media that the ‘House of One’ project conveys an important message at this time.

He added that anti-Semitic sentiments and Islamophobia were on the rise, leading people astray, inciting hatred and possibly violence.

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