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India: Human Corpses Found Floating In Ganges River As COVID Death Toll Rises

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

12th May, 2021. 11:08 pm
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India: Human Corpses Found Floating In Ganges River As COVID Death Toll Rise

Dozens of bodies have been found floating in the Ganges river in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in the past few days. The bodies are said to of those who died due to COVID-19, were dumped in rivers instead of being cremated.

In Bihar’s Buxar district and neighbouring Uttar Pradesh’s Ghazipur district, about 100 bodies have been found floating in the Ganges in the past three days, though the actual number is much higher. The discovery of the mutilated bodies of those who died due to Coronavirus has created an atmosphere of fear and terror in the villages along the Ganges.

This is a new and unexpected situation for the central government, which has failed to control Corona. Union Minister for Water Affairs Gajendra Singh Shekhawat has asked both Bihar and Uttar Pradesh to investigate the matter.

“The bodies floating in the Ganges at Buxar in Bihar is certainly unfortunate. It is undoubtedly a matter of investigation. The Modi government is committed to maintaining the purity and flow of the Ganges,” Shakhawat said in a tweet. The concerned states (Bihar and Uttar Pradesh) should take immediate notice of this matter.

Talking to the media, Bihar’s Buxar district police chief Neeraj Kumar said, “We have recovered 71 bodies from the Ganges. We have done an autopsy and taken samples of DNA. ”

Uttar Pradesh Varanasi Range Inspector General of Police says authorities in Ghazipur have recovered at least 25 unidentified bodies from the Ganges in the last two days. At least 25 bodies have been exhumed.

Locals living on the banks of the Ganges in both the states have accused the local administration of being extremely incompetent and have not taken any action despite complaining of rotting corpses. Locals fear that many villages along the river can be infected with the virus if the situation continues.

Janardhan Singh Sigriwal said the bodies belonged to those who died by the COVID. They are being brought in an ambulance and dumped in the Ganges from the J. Prabha bridge near the Bihar-Uttar Pradesh border. “Ambulance drivers from both the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are bringing and dumping the bodies here.”

There is outrage among the people that the bodies have been dumped in the river without the last rites. Due to lack of space at crematoriums, people are already forced to perform the last rites of their relatives on the side of the road, but now the anger of the people has increased after such incidents came to light.

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