Father’s Day 2021: The Guiding Light & Great Pillar Of Strength

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

20th Jun, 2021. 10:13 am
Father's Day 2021

International Father’s Day is celebrated each year on the third Sunday of June. This year, it will be celebrated on June 20. The day dedicated to fathers honours their contribution, invaluable love, and unwavering support. A father is as dedicated and supportive to a child’s development as a mother.

Father’s Day celebrations began on June 19, 1910, in Washington. A father is the greatest being in the world who lives a life of constant effort, endeavour and hard work for the best upbringing and comfort of his children, and does not hesitate to sacrifice his life when needed.

A father’s steady guidance and wisdom continue to be the foundation upon which his children build their lives.

The idea to celebrate this day was mooted by a woman, Sonora Smart Dodd, as she listened to a speech on International Mother’s Day.

After her mother’s death, Sonora was raised by her father, American Civil War veteran William Smart, and she wanted to tell her father how important she was to him.

Since William was born in June, Sonora celebrated his first Father’s Day on June 19.

A National Fathers Committee was formed in New York City in 1926, and the day was formally recognized in 1956 by a resolution of the US Congress.

In 1972, then US President Richard Nixon permanently designated Father’s Day as the third Sunday in June, and since then it has been celebrated on the third Sunday in June in most parts of the world, including Pakistan.

However, in some countries, this day is also celebrated on different dates.

If you have been wanting to tell your father how much you love him, this is a great time to do so. You can plan something really special for him.

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