Germany: Two Passers-By Injured In Knife Attack In Erfurt

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

29th Jun, 2021. 10:20 am
Germany: Two People Injured In Knife Attack On Passers-By In Erfurt

In Erfurt, the eastern city of Germany a young man stabbed and injured two people. The search for the absconded is underway, according to the police, the accused managed to escape after carrying out the attack on Monday morning, June 28.

According to Erfurt police, the attacker was a young man between the ages of twenty and thirty, with light blonde hair and a large scar on his face.

According to a police statement, the assailant spoke German and stabbed the two men, aged 45 and 68. Both injured are currently being treated at a local hospital, but thankfully their lives are not in danger.

The search for the accused continues by helicopter

Erfurt police said in a statement issued after today’s attack that a search for the fugitive was underway at the scene and in the surrounding area with the help of a helicopter. The statement also quoted the two injured as saying that the accused was wearing a brown jersey and dark jogging trousers.

Police are still unable to say what caused the attack. As no initial inquiries about the incident have been made so far, furthermore, it is not clear whether there was a connection between the attacker and the two injured.

The second such attack in four days

The bomber struck shortly after noon in Erfurt, the capital of the eastern German state of Thuringia, as German investigators are still investigating the attack. Three people were killed.

Investigators into the Wurzburg attack believe that the bloodshed may have been the result of Islamophobia. Significantly, today’s attack in Erfurt was the second such attack in Germany in just four days.

The three men who were stabbed to death by the accused were women. He also injured seven others, five of whom are in critical condition.

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