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Hitler’s Autobiography, Weapons Recovered From Man Who Slapped Macron

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

10th Jun, 2021. 09:43 am
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Hitler's Autobiography, Weapons Recovered From Man Who Slapped Macron

Police have recovered weapons and Hitler’s autobiography, My Struggle, from the home of one of the two men arrested for slapping French President Emmanuel Macron.

The French president was slapped by a man during a visit to the Drum region of southeastern France yesterday, the video of which is also going viral on the internet.

According to British media, police and security agencies immediately arrested two people, one of whom was a slapper, while the other man was filming the incident and is allegedly an accomplice of the slapper.

Police searched the homes of the two men after the incident and found weapons and former German ruler Adolf Hitler’s autobiography, My Struggle that it contains anti-Semitic ideologies from the house of the 28-year-old man who made the video

According to the report, the weapons recovered included a sword, a dagger and a rifle, which he also had a license for.

On the other hand, the slapper is said to belong to the right-wing.

How The Incident Occurred

Note that two suspects in the slapping of French President Emmanuel Macron have been arrested, a new debate has begun in France following the incident.

President Macron was slapped on Tuesday while attending a ceremony in southeastern France.

On this occasion, the French President approached the citizens who had gathered for his reception, then a citizen standing on the other side of the iron barrier shook hands with the President and slapped him in the face.

President Macron’s bodyguards immediately gripped the man. Meanwhile, President Macron returned.

The slapper was wearing a mask and was chanting “remove Macron” in the local language after slapping the president.

Two suspects involved in the incident have been arrested, including the man who slapped the president and the other who was filming the incident.

Macron’s Reaction

In an interview with a local newspaper, Dauphine Libere, on Tuesday, President Macron described the incident as an individual act and said it was carried out by a violent person.

He said he was doing the right thing for the country and people and needed to look at the slapping incident in a thought-provoking way, which he said was an individual act and did not allow such people to join the public debate because they are not capable of that.

Echoes of President Macron’s slapping were also heard in the French National Assembly, where the government and the opposition were seen standing with the president.

‘Violence Cannot Be Allowed In A Democracy’

Speaking in the National Assembly, French Prime Minister Jean Castex condemned the incident and said that today French democracy has been targeted.

“In a democracy, debates, arguments and differences of opinion and opinions are expressed in a legal way, but violence, verbal or physical attacks cannot be allowed in any case,” he said.

Opposition leader Marine Le Pen said in a tweet that she condemned the physical attack against the country’s president.

She added, “he is the president: we can fight him politically, but we cannot allow the slightest violence towards him.”


With less than a year to go before the French general election, President Macron is preparing for a possible second term. He started his political activities last week.

During his interview, President Macron said he wanted to consult with the French people on the damage caused by the coronavirus.


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