US To Hand Over Its Main Bagram Air Base To Afghan Forces In 20 Days

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

02nd Jun, 2021. 01:30 pm
US To Hand Over Its Main Bagram Air Base To Afghan Forces In 20 Days

KABUL: The US military will hand over its main Bagram airbase to Afghan forces in 20 days, according to an official.

This vast base was built by the Soviet Union in 1980 and is the largest military facility in Afghanistan used by US and NATO forces, and at the height of the Afghan war, millions of troops were stationed here.

“I can confirm that we will hand over Bagram Air Base,” a U.S. defence official said without elaborating on the exact time of the transfer.

On the other hand, an Afghan security official said that the transfer of the base is expected in 20 days and the Ministry of Defense has formed special committees to take care of it.

The base has been the centre of the nationwide command and air operations in Afghanistan for the past two decades, and there is a prison where thousands of Taliban and militants have been held for years.

Washington has already handed over several of its bases to Afghan forces before May 1, when it accelerated the final withdrawal of troops.

Last month, the United States completed its withdrawal from Kandahar Airfield in southern Afghanistan, the second-largest foreign military base here.

The withdrawal comes as violent clashes between the Taliban and Afghan forces continue in Afghanistan.

Peace talks began in Qatar last year, but no agreement has been reached to end the two-decade-long war that has killed thousands.

The day before, the Afghan government’s negotiating team had left for Doha in the hope of resuming stalled talks.

“Our team is ready for serious talks. There is no military solution to the conflict, but no date has been set yet to resume talks,” said a spokeswoman for the peace ministry.

Fawzia Koofi, a member of the government team, said she hoped for meaningful and fruitful talks this time around to end the suffering and killings of the people.

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