Afghan Forces Fight Taliban To Regain Control Of Spin Boldak

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

17th Jul, 2021. 03:57 pm
Afghan Forces Fight Taliban To Regain Control Of Spin Boldak

Clashes broke out between Taliban fighters and Afghan forces to retake control of Spin Boldak, an area bordering Pakistan.

Clashes between the Taliban and Afghan forces in Afghanistan’s Spin Boldak have intensified in the past week, according to the report.

The group has also seized key border crossings in the north and west.

Violent clashes that began across the border on Friday afternoon can still be heard, while a white Taliban flag is still flying across the border, a senior Pakistani border official said.

An eyewitness to the incident said that fierce clashes continued till late at night and dozens of injured Taliban were brought across the border.

A man named Mullah Mohammad Hassan, who identified himself as belonging to the Taliban group, said one of our fighters was killed and dozens were wounded in clashes near Chaman, 5km from the border.

Spain Boldak and Chaman Border Crossing is an economic lifeline for southern Afghanistan.

Afghanistan relies heavily on this important trade border and exports agricultural commodities, including almonds and dried fruits, while the crossing is also used to ship manufactured goods from Pakistan to Afghanistan.

Occupying the border will make the Taliban economically stable and allow them to collect taxes from the thousands of vehicles that pass through here daily.

The border was closed in recent days, leaving about 2,000 Afghans stranded in Pakistan.

Border Sealed

Pakistan sealed off its border after the Taliban took control of Afghan forces in the Afghan border town, opposite the Pakistani border town of Chaman.

According to sources in Chaman, the Taliban took control of the Afghan border crossing after the fighting on Tuesday night, while the Afghan army also used helicopter gunships to defend its position.

Sources said that the Pak-Afghan friendship border has been closed on both sides, which has stopped all traffic and movement on the border.

Sources said that the Taliban removed the national flag of Afghanistan and instead the Taliban flag has been hoisted.

An official of the Chaman administration said that the Taliban has taken over the important route of Afghan trade with Pakistan and other countries in addition to business activities.

Sources said that Pakistani authorities have alerted their forces on the border and have deployed additional troops in the border area to avoid any untoward incident.

Due to the closure of the Afghan border, large numbers of Afghans, including women and children, were stranded in Chaman.

However, despite heavy firing throughout the night, no one has been brought to Chaman for treatment so far.

“About 500 Afghans, including patients coming to Chaman for treatment, are now waiting to return to their home areas,” official sources said.

Hundreds of trucks and vehicles heading to Afghanistan were stranded in Chaman due to the border closure, he said.

“No vehicle or person is allowed to cross the border on either side,” a Levies Force official said.

A resident said that the situation in Chaman was normal on Wednesday but there was a lot of panics as loud explosions were heard last night.

A video released by the Taliban shows a white flag replacing the Afghan flag above Bab-e-Dosti at the border crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Taliban said that the fierce resistance of the Mujahideen and their people has forced the enemy to leave the area as you can see it is the flag of the Islamic Emirate.

The border of the south of Afghanistan’s central city of Kandahar is the second busiest border crossing in use in the region.

According to Afghan government figures, the route is used by 900 trucks a day.

Afghan officials say government forces have pushed back the Taliban and taken control of the district, but civilians and Pakistani officials say the district is still under Taliban control.

In recent days, the Taliban have seized other key border crossings in the north and west in Herat, Farah and Kunduz provinces.

The chairman of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment in the capital Kabul said seizing the border crossing would generate revenue for the Taliban.


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