Iran Introduces Legal dating App amid declining birth rates

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

15th Jul, 2021. 04:15 pm
Iran dating app Hamdam

Aiming to promote marriages and declining birth rates, Iran has launched its state-approved dating app for its young people.

According to media reports, the dating app by Iran called Hamdam — Farsi for “companion” — the service allows users to “search for and choose their spouse”.

It is the only state-sanctioned platform of its kind in the Islamic republic, according to Iran’s cyberspace police chief, Colonel Ali Mohammad Rajabi.

While dating apps are popular in Iran, Colonel Rajabi said all other platforms apart from Hamdam were illegal.

Iranian law also criminalizes consensual sexual relationships outside marriage.

According to Hamdam’s website, users will have to confirm their identity and undergo a mental test before they start searching for a partner.

When a match is found, the app “introduces the families together with the presence of service consultants”, who will “accompany” the couple for four years after their marriage.

The developer of Hamdam, Komeil Khojasteh, said the app would create healthy families at a time when family values are under threat by the “Devil” and Iran’s enemies.

However, there is no fee to get registered with the app.

Iran’s authorities, including Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, have warned several times against the country’s mounting age of marriage and declining birth rates.

According to statistics from the National Organization for Civil Registration, some 307,300 marriages and 99,600 divorces were recorded in Iran between March and December 2020. In 2008, there was one divorce for every eight marriages.

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