Israel Arrests Dozens of Palestinian Students On Terrorism Charges

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

16th Jul, 2021. 10:00 am
Israel Arrests Dozens of Palestinian Students On Terrorism Charges

The Israeli army has arrested dozens of Palestinian students in the occupied West Bank on charges of links to Hamas and terrorism.

According to the international news agency APF, Palestinian sources said that dozens of students from Birzeit University in the occupied West Bank had been arrested, who were returning by bus from the village of Turmus Ayya.

They said the Israeli army had also demolished the house of a Palestinian-American family in the village earlier this month, who were accused of firing on a Jewish student in the West Bank.

The Israeli military said in a statement that several of the detainees were directly involved in terrorist activities, including money laundering, incitement, separatism and arrangements for Hamas activities in Samaria.

It should be noted that Hamas has been the ruling party in the Gaza Strip since 2007 and Israel bombed Hamas for 11 days in May this year, while the European Union and the United States have blacklisted Hamas as a terrorist group.

Israel announced the arrest of the students, saying that the army, police and local security agency Shin Bet had arrested dozens of people involved in terrorist activities belonging to a student cell at Berzeit University in a joint operation.

An Israeli military spokesman said Shane Beat had investigated and gathered information.

On the other hand, according to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club, 45 students were arrested but 12 were released. However, 33 students are still in custody and none of them are women.

He said Israel had traditionally detained Palestinian students and made it difficult for them to get an education.

In a statement, Berzeit University expressed grave concern over the students and condemned the arrest, calling it a violation of international law.

The university called on the international community to intervene for the safe and immediate release of the students, the statement said.

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