Turkey Fears Large Influx Of Afghan Refugees Amid Tense Situation

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

30th Jul, 2021. 04:15 pm
Turkey Fears Large Influx Of Afghan Refugees Amid Tense Situation

In Afghanistan, the Taliban are advancing and in such a situation, the number of Afghan refugees arriving in Turkey from Afghanistan is increasing.

Turkey is already hosting millions of refugees and is tightening its grip on the government’s refugee strategy.

Videos have gone viral on social media in Turkey showing Afghan refugees allegedly travelling in luggage compartments on buses.

According to the videos, Afghan refugees are being trafficked to Turkey via Iran via buses and trucks.

Officials and observers estimate that between 500 and 2,000 Afghan refugees enter Turkey every day.

The observers said the Turkish government was concerned that the number of refugees could rise if the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan.

They said that if Iran opens the highway to Turkey and all the migrants who come to Iran from Afghanistan reach Turkey, and if Iran does not accept them and allow them to go to Turkey, this will lead to another crisis. The issue of refugees will become a major internal issue in the coming days.

Ankara is now building a border wall to secure its 300-kilometre border with Iran.

Turkey is already hosting about 3.5 million Syrian refugees and there are already at least 100,000 Afghan refugees in Turkey who arrived in Turkey during the turbulent situation in Afghanistan.

Turkey is also acting as a watchdog for the European Union on refugees and is receiving billions of dollars in aid in return. Under the agreement, Turkey is also enjoying diplomatic benefits within the EU’s neighbouring countries. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections.

According to opposition leaders, the West has seen that it can turn Turkey into an open prison for refugees. The influx of refugees is a matter of Turkey’s survival.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz also said this month that Turkey is a better place for Afghan refugees to leave their homes than other countries in the region, Austria, Germany and Sweden.

The Turkish government has not yet commented on the increase in hosting and hosting Afghan refugees. In recent days, however, some ministers have praised the hospitality of refugees, saying that refugees play an important role in Turkey’s economy.

Some people do not agree with this view. Opposition leaders agree with the proposal to stop new refugees, on the other hand, the locals are also worried.

All previous opinion polls prove that the majority of Turkish citizens, apart from their party affiliations, want the refugees to return. Many also argue that workers have been replaced by Afghans and Syrians.

Turkey’s troubled economy has been hit by the global Coronavirus pandemic and rising inflation, raising concerns within the country.

Observers say there is growing concern that the influx of large numbers of Afghan refugees will add to the woes.

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