UK: Students Use Orange Juice To Get Fake ‘Positive’ COVID Test Results

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

07th Jul, 2021. 11:35 am
UK: Students Use Orange Juice To Get Fake ‘Positive’ COVID Test Results

A report in the British newspaper The Guardian stated that schoolchildren in the UK are using orange juice to get fake positive COVID-19 results.

The Guardian says it has concluded from experience that this phenomenon does not necessarily mean that coronavirus is found in orange juice, but rather that it is linked to the acidic substance in the coagulant that coronavirus tests.

This can affect the results and a similar situation can result from the use of Ketchup and Coca-Cola.

Andrea Sella, a professor at University College London, said: “If someone deliberately deviates from the test, the results can be very complicated.”

According to him, it cannot be called a false positive report because a false positive report is one that comes out despite following the prescribed protocol of corona tests.

The social media application ‘TikTok’ also went viral with videos based on this recipe in which people are trying to use different types of liquid materials for positive results of Corona.

The hashtag #FakeCOVIDTest shows that videos containing such tactics have been viewed by more than six million people so far.

Jon Deeks, a professor at the University of Birmingham, criticized the practice, saying: “The use of this tactic not only affects students but also their families and schools. It is a selfish move. ۔ There are even less harmful techniques to avoid school.

Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of Schools and Colleges, has a slightly different view on the issue. “Such attempts to influence corona tests are often ineffective, but we strongly discourage this practice,” he said. We believe that very few students are involved in this process, most of the test results are correct.

“We urge parents of students to stop misusing Corona test reports.”

“For students who are interested in this type of ‘chemical reaction’, we recommend that a chemistry class at school is the best place for them,” he said.

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