US: 3 People Injured In Shooting Outside Baseball Stadium In Washington

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

18th Jul, 2021. 02:44 pm
US: 3 People Injured In Shooting Outside Baseball Stadium In Washington

Three people were injured after the firing incident outside a crowded baseball stadium in Washington, D.C..

According to the international media reports, the police initially said that four people had been shot, but  Ashan Benedict, the second in command of the Washington police, later said that three people were injured in the incident.
“There was no danger to those inside the stadium,” he told reporters. “Everything happened outside the stadium,” he added.

Earlier, police said four people had been shot, but “there is no danger now.”

Police wrote in a tweet that authorities were investigating the incident in which two people were shot outside the national park.

They said the two men were sitting in one of the two vehicles used in the shooting, while a woman who had come to watch the match was also injured.

Police said he hoped the woman was in better condition.

Shortly afterwards, another tweet said, “Two more victims have been taken to a nearby hospital for treatment for gunshot wounds.”

The tweet added: “These are preliminary investigations and it appears there is no threat at this time.”

Two international news Agency AFP journalists who were present at the scene said spectators were told to stay in their seats, with some spectators running to hear the sound of gunfire while others remained seated.

Minutes after the incident, the official Twitter account of the American baseball team Washington Nationals tweeted that “a shooting has been reported at the third gate of the national park and fans are being asked to leave the ballpark.”

The baseball match has been postponed until Sunday following the shooting.

The Police also Tweeted the appearance of the suspects and wrote, “Robbery in the 5200 block of 2nd St., N.W. Lookout for 3 to 4 Black Males, armed with a handgun, One wearing a white hoodie, one wearing a grey hoodie and inside a dark colour Honda four-door.”

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