Egypt: “Part-time” marriage declared invalid and Haraam

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

23rd Aug, 2021. 01:44 pm
Egypt: "Part-time" marriage declared invalid and Haraam

Following the rise in “part-time” marriages in Egypt, the country’s Iftaa Council has warned that such marriages have no concept in Islamic teachings adding that any such move would be considered contrary to the Islamic concept of marriage, invalid and haraam (forbidden).

It should be noted that when the debate on ‘part-time’ marriage started on social media in Egypt, the pros and cons of this new trend began to emerge. After which the Egyptian Dar al-Ifta warned that renaming the marriage contract is an attempt to show off, gain cheap fame and weaken the religious traditions.

Dar Al Iftaa added that the marriage contract should not focus on the innovation of terminology. New terms related to marriage are used in the sense of mut’ah marriage. Terms of this nature are an attempt to destabilize reputation and values ​​and to create more confusion in society. Islam does not allow such activities at all.

Forbidden and invalid action

Dar ul Iftaa confirmed that some people are trying to rename the marriage contract. They use the term part-time marriage to try to make marriage a temporary contract. There is no such concept in Islam. This is completely false and haraam.

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