US Woman Arrested For Driving Around Two Dead Kids For months

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

01st Aug, 2021. 04:45 pm
Woman drives with two dead kids

An American woman was arrested with the dead bodies of her young nephew and niece in the trunk of her car after making the ghastly discovery during a routine traffic stop.

The woman was carrying the dead bodies for months, police confirmed.

The police found out about the incident when the woman’s car was checked during a regular traffic stop. The car, according to the police, was speeding.

The woman, identified as Nicole Johnson, is now facing multiple charges, including child abuse resulting in the deaths of her niece and nephew, aged seven and five, respectively.

Police said that the woman, 33, had stuffed the dead body of her niece in a suitcase and kept it in the trunk of her car. She kept the body in the car in May last year, police told, adding that she drove around normally.

A year later, she placed the body of her 5-year-old nephew next to the body of the girl by wrapping it in a plastic bag.

After the arrest, the woman confessed that she was entrusted to take care of the two children in 2019 by her sister.

She admitted that she had tortured her niece several times, causing the kid to hit her head on the floor.

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