Malala Yousafzai hails Angelina Jolie for her book on children’s rights

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

17th Sep, 2021. 04:14 pm
Malala Angelina Jolie book

The youngest Noble Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai said she is proud of her friend and acclaimed actress Angelina Jolie for writing a book for children.

Taking to Instagram, Malala shared a picture with Angelina and wrote, “I’m proud of my friend Angelina Jolie and Amnesty for writing “Know Your Rights”, a book to give children the knowledge they need to stand up to injustice in their own lives and around the world.”

In her message to the children and young people, she emphasized, “You have rights that are equal in status to that of any adult. No one has the right to harm you, to silence you, to tell you what to think or believe, to treat you as if you don’t matter, or to prevent you from participating fully in society.”


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The UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie has written a book on children’s rights titled Know Your Rights and Claim Them. 

On the other hand, in an interview, Jolie said, “So many children are in harm’s way across the world and we’re simply not doing enough.”

“These are their rights, decided years ago based on what would make them healthy, balanced, safe and stable adults,” Angelina said she hoped the book would also remind governments of their commitment to the global treaty enshrining children’s civil, social, political and economic rights.

The Original Sin star further shared, “I’ve met too many children who live with the effect of their rights being violated – displaced people, young rape victims. I couldn’t understand why they were still fighting for basic things that were their rights, to begin with. It made me very angry. How are we going to solve anything if we’re not addressing that, right?”

The actress then went on to describe the topic to her own situation in relation to her legal battle with ex-husband Brad Pitt, who has been accused of domestic abuse.

“Then I had an experience in the States with my own children and I thought… well, human rights, children’s rights,” she shared. She added that this is what caused her to think about children’s rights, saying, “I remembered the rights of the child, and I took them out and looked at them and thought: well, these are for when you’re in a situation and you want to make sure there is support for the children in your life.”

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