Pakistani Panelist catches Arnab Goswami’s lies about Serena Hotel Kabul

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

19th Sep, 2021. 01:16 pm
Pakistani Panelist catches Arnab Goswami's lies about Serena Hotel Kabul

Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi’s favourite journalist Arnab Goswami got caught red-handed while he was spitting lies on India’s national television.

In a video circulating on social media, Arnab was telling about how ISI officials are lodged on the fifth floor of Kabul Serena hotel.

“I can also tell you what they ordered for dinner,” he said confidently and not only this he arrogantly said, “don’t challenge my intelligent sources”

But Arnab perhaps did not know this if he will tell a lie confidently it’s still a lie and he can’t make it a truth.

A Pakistani Panelist who was also part of the program rectified Arnab’s false claims and told Arnab that Kabul Serena hotel has only two floors. There is no fifth floor.

And this is how Serena hotel Kabul looks like;

Serena hotel Kabul

This is not the first time Indian journalists got roasted and humiliated because of their habit of uttering lies and being told things without facts, figures and proper research.

A few days back, Former Chief Executive of Afghanistan, Dr Abdullah Abdullah rebuffed Indian journalist’s propaganda and advised them to act ‘professionally’.

Naveen Kapoor, a journalist who is associated with the Indian news agency ANI, claimed in a tweet on social media yesterday that Abdullah Abdullah had been taken into custody by the Taliban and transferred to an unknown location.

Shortly afterwards, Dr Abdullah Abdullah denied reports that he had been detained by the Taliban.

The Afghan leader shared an Indian journalist Naveen Kapoor’s tweet and said, “A false and baseless report circulated by Naveen Kapoor, and then it was delated on Taliban arresting me and transporting me to an unknown location. I reject it as baseless and false. I call on journalists to act professionally and check the facts before publishing it.”

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