Watch: Treatment of women in West — the “Champions of Women’s rights”

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

07th Sep, 2021. 02:00 pm
Watch: Treatment of women in West --- the "Champions of Women's rights"

Western countries are very concerned about women’s rights around the world especially Muslim countries, but in their own country how they treat women is the biggest question.

A video is circulating on social media in which it can be seen that how male police personnel are dragging and beating two unarmed women.

The video is reportedly from an anti-vaccine demonstration in France. The eye-opening scenes are filmed in the video which clearly showed the hypocrisy of the western world.

Over the past two centuries, a favourite subject of European Orientalists and some Muslim scholars under their influence has been the violation of the rights of “oppressed women” in Muslim society.

But no one raises their voice against these kinds of violence against women in western countries. If a similar incident happened in Pakistan definitely the police personnel will be held accountable for doing unnecessary brutality.

Watch the video here:

Research data and reviews conducted by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights on Europe in 2018 show that the issue of gender inequality against women in Europe by global and local states is still in its infancy.

While non-European nations are in the misconception that women in Europe and the United States have been blessed with equal rights and protection, and that non-European nations have not yet overcome gender inequality.

According to an independent 2012 survey, 14% of women in Europe are discriminated against in the workplace simply because they are women. This prejudice, discrimination and unfairness is 28%.

According to a survey published in Luxembourg, 57% of women experienced discrimination. Among them, 43% of the women who became pregnant while on the job suffered from this discrimination and prejudice just because they are becoming a mother.

In Germany, the rate of sexual violence and harassment against women is 58%, while in Poland, 88% of the 451 women who took part in the study were victims of some form of sexual harassment and violence after the age of fifteen.

In the Netherlands, 94% of women were harassed in broad daylight in the streets and markets, according to data collected from 1,100 women on harassment.

In 2018, data released by the U.S. Department of Defense shows that 46 per cent of women and 50 per cent of men serving in the U.S. military were sexually harassed.

The National Union of Students surveyed sexual violence in universities in the UK in 2018. In a sample of 1839 people, 41% of students admitted to being harassed at least once. One in eight students was physically harassed.

Anna Bull, a co-director of the 1752 Group, a UK-based organisation that lobbies to end sexual misconduct in higher education, said students and staff who complain of sexual assault and harassment are often left in the dark by university investigations, and made to feel like their disclosures were “a waste of time”.

Western media shows that women in the United States, Britain, Australia, European countries and Israel are living happily ever after. They do not face any problems and difficulties and they have all the rights.

It is clear from the facts that this impression is completely wrong. Women in the western world suffer from many serious problems.

This truth is not evident because the western media don’t show it. It only raises the issues of the Islamic world as much as possible so that the attention of the Western people is drawn to the “terrorist”, “arrogant” and “savage” Muslims.

Western media has a special role in increasing hatred and obstinacy towards Islam and Muslims among the people of the western world.

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