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Analysis: Consistency to be a major factor in Bundesliga drama

Analysis: Consistency to be a major factor in Bundesliga drama


BERLIN, Jan. 14 (Xinhua) — Consistency seems to be the common denominator of two clubs in the German national league having slipped into the role of this season’s surprises.

The TSG Hoffenheim and the SC Freiburg having crushed into the phalanx of established clubs desperately battling for international participation remains something unexpected.

At the same time, the story of the Bundesliga’s current number three and four seems to serve as an example for football clubs that exaggerated expectations most likely end up in a dead-end.

The stories of the VfL Wolfsburg and Hertha BSC stand for the top stories of clubs suffering from unrealistic expectations and a far too impatient policy.

Continuous changes of coaches and players stand contrary to a clear plan followed by the so-called underdogs.

Freiburg’s coach Christian Streich in December 2021 celebrated his 10th anniversary as his club’s head coach.

The 56-year-old for over a decade is selecting players fitting his and the club’s demand to deliver passionate football aside from the fundamental conviction to feel comfortable with an outsider’s role.

Freiburg’s main issue is team spirit and investing all one has to offer in team sports football.

Streich’s credo: International participation is nice to have, but not the meaning of football life.

In Hoffenheim coach, Sebastian Hoeness got the chance to continue his way despite difficult times with his team assumedly being stuck in inconsistency.

The club’s managing director proved his trust in the potential of one of Germany’s most talented coaches.

Hoeness fought his way despite the burden of having a famous name in German football as the son of former German international and Bayern player Dieter Hoeness. Things didn’t improve for the coach as his uncle is no one less than Uli Hoeness, the former architect of Bayern’s empire.

Neither Hoeness nor Streich likes to talk about critics saying their small clubs don’t strengthen German club football’s international reputation.

Both leave it to experts to point out that clubs such as Wolfsburg, Bayer Leverkusen, and Borussia Dortmund failed to qualify for the knock-out stage of the Champions League despite manageable group opponents this season.

While Bayern Munich’s dominance leads to many fans experiencing boredom, it is the underdogs triggering excitement below the Bavarians.

Down to position nine in the league, from the second (Dortmund) to the ninth (Leipzig) eight clubs compete for a sport in an international competition.

Freiburg stands for the league’s best defence aside from Bayern (18 conceived goals), while Hoffenheim is attracting attention after seven unbeaten games.

Both clubs have stepped into a niche aside from clubs having invested much larger sums.

Reports speak of Andrej Kramaric soon extending his contract despite several European clubs being interested in the Croatian striker. Left-back David Raum made his way into the German national team. Freiburg created several German internationals and turned to club into a spot to watch for the German national coach.



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