Fisherman attacked by crocodiles is saved by friends

Fisherman attacked by crocodiles is saved by friends

Fisherman attacked by crocodiles is saved by friends

Fisherman attacked by crocodiles is saved by friends


A fisherman nearly avoided death after being attacked by four crocodiles and dragged underwater in a “death roll.”

Alexander Chimedza had one of the beast’s jaws clenched on each of his limbs but was saved after a 40-minute battle when his friends poured down stones from the bank.

Alexander was ambushed in January while searching for worms to use as bait to catch a fish meal for his family in Kariba, Zimbabwe.

“The crocodiles must have been waiting for me because the instant I touched the weeds, I was attacked,” he told the Herald newspaper.

“At first, one of them grabbed my left hand, but I instantly evaded, and then another grabbed my right hand.”


Alexander was dragged into the murky water, where one of the crocodiles attempted to kill him by spinning him six times in the infamous “death roll” manoeuvre.

“I realised that if I resisted, my hand would shatter,” he explained.

“As a result, I let my hand move in the direction it turned.”

A third crocodile grabbed onto his thigh, and a fourth crocodile participated in the feeding frenzy by biting through his ankle.

Meanwhile, friends and bystanders hurled rocks at the predators.

Alexander was eventually able to free one hand and put it down a croc’s throat, causing it to release him.


When crocodiles swim, an organ called the palatal valve prevents water from entering their stomachs.

If you can’t reach the crocodile’s eyes, experts think it can be an effective final option.

“Some of the stones that were being hurled from the outside may have hit the crocodile as I shoved my palm into its jaws,” Alexander explained.

“That, together with the massive amounts of water that ran into its mouth, must have resulted in its death since it let me go and seemed lifeless afterward.”

He was then able to grasp a long stick supplied by his buddies, who had pulled up to the blood-soaked coast and waved down an ambulance.

He was hospitalised for 40 days and underwent four procedures, including skin grafts, metal plates in shattered bones, and reconstructive surgery to repair his severed Achilles tendon.


And his wife Primrose will need to care for him at home for several months longer.

She said he disregarded a “prophecy” telling him not to go to the ponds where he was assaulted.

“My wife has been 100 percent behind me, and without her, I wouldn’t be able to exist,” Alexander added.

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