Operation London Bridge: What will happen when Queen dies? They have planned it all


In September 2021, the highly classified plan that will be sanctioned when Queen Elizabeth leaves earth was spilled in a notice got by POLITICO. The disclosure prodded rage in Buckingham Palace and incited Britain's Cabinet Office to send off an examination concerning who released the desk work only days after the fact. Here, what was found in the hole - and what will happen when the world's longest-authoritative female ruler in history passes, as gone ahead in 'Operation London Bridge'.


Operation London Bridge: What will happen when Queen dies? They have planned it all

The arrangement for the Queen’s demise, ‘operation London Bridge’ was first incubated during the 1960s, however, had never been distributed in such granular detail until it was spilled to POLITICO. Before its break, ‘Activity London Bridge’ was just imparted to a little gathering. Its delivery, nonetheless, uncovered that when the Queen passes on, all Whitehall banners should be brought down to half pole in no less than ten minutes followed by a TV address and UK visit by Prince Charles, and a pre-arranged remembrance administration at St Paul’s Cathedral for priests that will be made to look ‘unconstrained’.

The Royal Family’s site will likewise be supplanted with an all-dark page with a short assertion affirming Her Majesty’s passing, and all GOV.UK sites will have a dark flag added. Every day following Her Majesty’s passing will be meant as D-Day (the day she passes) and D+1, D+2, and so forth for ensuing days.

D-DAY: The Prime Minister will be educated by call and message that the Queen is dead. It isn’t clear if the code: ‘London Bridge has fallen’ will be utilized by Buckingham Palace, however this has been the talk since the arrangement was first drawn up during the 1960s.

A ‘call overflow’ will start, illuminating government officials and government worker s arranged by position, beginning with the bureau, the bureau secretary and the Privy Council. There is a content that ought not be redirected from, with the individual being told: ‘We have quite recently been educated regarding the passing of Her Majesty The Queen. Discretion is required’. The call will then be finished. Really at that time will an ‘official notice’ conveying the news to the general population – prone to be to the Press Association and the primary UK telecasters. It might likewise affirm plans for the Queen’s memorial service, liable to be held 10 days following her passing.


An email will likewise be shipped off priests and government workers saying: ‘Dear partners, It is with bitterness that I write to advise you regarding the demise of Her Majesty The Queen’. Promptly all banners on Whitehall and across state structures ought to be brought down to half pole. No 10 Downing Street has said it is worried that they don’t live it up ‘banner official’, significance there are sure hours of the day where the banner could be hard to lower. A project worker could be utilized in those periods, records say.

Parliament will be reviewed the reverted governing bodies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will dismiss. The Royal Family’s true site will become dark with a short declaration affirming the Queen’s passing. Government sites will likewise be become dark with unique, currently planned standards. Official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram records will likewise become dark and all tweets stopped other than those generally concurred – however there will be quiet until the Prime Minister at the time talks freely first.

The PM will talk in Downing Street on live TV to give the main accolade for Her Majesty. The person will then, at that point, go to see the new King, Prince Charles, who will address the country himself at 6pm to match with the fundamental evening news releases. The Prime Minister and the most senior bureau priests will then go to a help of recognition at St Paul’s Cathedral. Notwithstanding being pre-arranged it ought to be made to look ‘unconstrained,’ as per the authority records spilled to POLITICO. Imagined: Britain’s ongoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson on April 5, 2022.

D+1: At 10am the next day, the Accession Council – framed of every Privy Counselor, Great Officers of State, the Lord Mayor and City Civic party, Realm High Commissioners and certain senior government workers – will be met at St James’ Palace near Buckingham Palace.

They will broadcast King Charles the new sovereign. All men will be supposed to wear morning dress or parlor suits with dark or dim ties. No awards or improvements can be worn. An authority will be shot perusing the decree that Britain has another ruler – all the while, a similar message will be perused at the Royal Exchange in the City of London, close to the Bank of England. At Midday, MPs will give recognitions in the House of Commons, lead by the Prime Minister. Furthermore, at 3:30pm, the Prime Minister and the bureau will go to Buckingham Palace and meet with the new King Charles, however no companions will be permitted.

D+2: Wherever the Queen’s body rests, it will currently be gotten back to Buckingham Palace. Her final resting place will be held in the Throne Room. There will be a special stepped area, the pall, the Royal Standard, and four Grenadier Guards, their bearskin caps slanted, their rifles highlighting the floor, standing watch.


There are various plans relying upon where the Queen was the point at which she dies. Assuming that she was at Sandringham in Norfolk, her body will be conveyed to London on the Royal Train – it will show up at St Pancras Station in London, where her child Prince Charles, the PM and Cabinet Ministers will stand by.

Assuming Her Majesty is at Balmoral in Scotland, the Plan A, known as Operation Unicorn, will start. The Royal Train will be shipped off Aberdeenshire to pass her casket back on to London, again to St Pancras. In the event that this is absurd, authorities will change to Operation Overstudy, meaning the final resting place will be taken to London via plane from Aberdeen Airport. This is probably going to land at London Heathrow or RAF Northolt.

Her Majesty invests the vast majority of her energy at Windsor Castle, where she has been in a Covid bubble since the beginning of the pandemic. On the off chance that she kicks the bucket there, her body will be moved to the capital via vehicle. One more day of recognitions in the House of Commons is normal as well as the lapsed parliaments.

D+3: Three days following the Queen’s passing, the new King Charles will start a visit through the UK. It will start with a visit to Westminster Hall in the Houses of Parliament, where MPs will give a ‘movement of sympathy’. His next stop will be Edinburgh to visit the Scottish parliament followed by a remembrance administration at St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh.

D+4: King Charles will then travel to Northern Ireland, where individuals from the regressed parliament will give one more movement of sympathy, this time at Hillsborough Castle, the home of the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, and the authority home of the ruler while in Northern Ireland. He will then go to an assistance at St. Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast.

In the interim, in London, the primary practice of the parade of the Queen’s casket from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster by means of The Mall will happen, known as Operation Lion. Envisioned: The Queen and the late Prince Philip travel around the track at the Royal Ascot in England in 1962.


D+5: The Queen will leave Buckingham Palace and conveyed to the Palace of Westminster to lie in state. The parade will be the primary incredible military motorcade. Envisioned: Prince Charles strolls behind the Duke of Edinburgh on April 17, 2021.

A comparable sluggish walk for the Queen Mother in 2002 involved 1,600 staff and extended for a portion of a mile. The course is remembered to hold around 1,000,000 individuals. A dedication administration will be held when she shows up.

D-DAY +6 to D-DAY +9 Three days of the Queen lying in state starts, called Operation Feather. Her casket will sit on a dull catafalque – an adorned wooden structure supporting the final resting place of a recognized individual during a burial service or while lying in state – to make it simpler for the public recording through to see the final resting place. The primary individuals to visit will be VIPs, who will be given coordinated openings to offer their appreciation. Then, the public will actually want to stroll through with the room just close for one hour every day.

In the mean time, Charles will travel to Wales for the last leg of his UK visit. He will visit the Welsh parliament before a commemoration administration at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff. Furthermore, there will be enormous measures of arranging happening in the illustrious family and in Whitehall, particularly guaranteeing heads of state, VIPs and dignitaries have plans to go to the UK for the burial service on Day 10.

The Department for Transport, Home Office and Border Force have plans set up for the quantity of Britons and unfamiliar sightseers expected to go to London in this period. Transport for London will likewise be involved to guarantee Tube and transport arrangement is adequate. Beyond what 1,000,000 individuals could show up, meaning London’s inns, public vehicle and public spaces will be ‘full’, one report says. Police leave will be probable be dropped, yet there are worries about the quantity of stewards required and where to track down them.

The day of the Queen’s memorial service. It will be a ‘Day of National Mourning’ – despite the fact that won’t be an authority bank occasion. In the event that it falls on a work day, it will be passed on to managers to choose if staff can have the vacation day, however there will be no diktat requesting it.


Her Majesty will be moved to the state burial service held at Westminster Abbey, finishing in a two minutes’ quietness the country over at noontime. She will then, at that point, be taken to St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, where she will be covered in the King George VI Memorial Chapel close to her adored spouse Prince Philip.

It isn’t known when Prince Charles’ crowning celebration will be held. Yet, his mom, the Queen, was delegated 16 months in the wake of King George VI passed on. There has been theory that Charles could decide to become King George VII – involving his center name as an accolade for his granddad – however Clarence House said as of late that ‘no choice has been made’.

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